International working groups

International public debt and cash management working groups

AFT represents France as a member of various debt and cash management working groups, including the Economic and Financial Committee (EFC) Sub-Committee on EU Sovereign Debt Markets (ESDM), the Working Party on Public Debt Management (WPDM) at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and the IMF’s Public Debt Management Forum.


The EFC Sub-Committee on EU Sovereign Debt Markets is a sub-group of the Economic and Financial Committee of the Council of the European Union. It is responsible for coordinating issuance policy (timetable and amounts as provided for in the 2012 regulations), preparing common positions for the various Member States on regulatory matters and technical aspects relating to the sovereign debt market. It also ensures that the information disseminated about the different Member States’ sovereign debt issues are harmonised.

In 2012, this Sub-Committee was responsible for drafting the collective action clauses (CAC) for euro area sovereign debt. The group meets at least three times a year, usually in Brussels.


The OECD Working Party on Public Debt Management (WPDM) provides a forum for sovereign debt managers to meet and discuss their views, experiences and policies. It publishes standardised statistics and reports comparing the management approaches adopted in different countries. The group meets twice a year, usually in Paris.


The forum meets once every year, alternating between Washington and a host country. It is attended by public debt managers and private sector representatives, international institutions and market regulators. The aim of the forum is to discuss current public debt management affairs within the economic and regulatory environment.

Working closely with the World Bank, this group helped to review the best practice guidelines for public debt management, an initiative undertaken by the G20 in 2013. The 2014 forum was organised jointly with AFT in Paris.


AFT also takes part in the World Bank’s Government Borrowers’ Forum, which is an annual event that brings together senior civil servants from countries issuing securities on international capital markets and the treasurers of supranational organisations to share their debt management experience and discuss their views on issues of common interest on financial markets. Approximately one hundred senior debt managers from some forty countries attend the forum. The World Bank Treasury provides the secretariat for the forum. A different country hosts the Forum each year. The 2016 Government Borrowers Forum took place on 2, 3 and 4 May at the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance in Paris and was hosted by AFT.


AFT also takes part in the European Public Sector Issuer Forum. The International Capital Market Association provides the secretariat for the Forum. The aim of the Forum’s meetings is to discuss issuers’ practices and issues facing the ecosystem that they belong to.