08 September 2017: Euromoney/GlobalCapital present three awards to AFT for the launch of the Green OAT

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On Tuesday 5 September 2017 in Amsterdam, Agence France Trésor scooped up three awards at the Sustainable and Responsible Capital Markets Forum organised under the joint auspices of Euromoney Conferences and GlobalCapital.

In the wake of the launch of the first Green OAT, Agence France Trésor received the following awards:

  • Most Innovative Green/SRI Bond Deal
  • EMEA Green/SRI Bond Deal of the Year
  • Most Impressive Government or Government Agency Green/SRI Bond Issuer

“This was the first benchmark bond issued by a government on the green bond market and it has enabled France to underscore its position as a driving force for implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement of December 2015. We are delighted that the ground-breaking nature of this operation has been recognised; it is consistent with AFT’s long-standing culture of innovation”, stated Anthony Requin, Chief Executive of Agence France Trésor, at the awards ceremony.

France is also looking to bolster market standards by making unprecedented transparency commitments with the publication of three reports for investors on the use of proceeds, the performance of eligible green expenditure and the ex-post environmental impact of funded projects and expenditure. A Green Bond Evaluation Council made up of independent scientists and economists of international repute will be tasked with evaluating the environmental performance of the eligible green expenditure funded by the proceeds of green bond issues.

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