06 July 2020: Release of the 2019 Green OAT allocation and performance report

In keeping with its transparency and accountability commitments made when the OAT 1.75% 25 June 2039 was launched, Agence France Trésor has published the third Green OAT allocation and performance report on the €5.9bn raised in 2019.

This report presents all of the expenditure matched to Green OAT issuance in 2019, along with the related performance indicators.

The Chief Executive of Agence France Trésor, Anthony Requin, took this occasion to emphasise that, “the annual publication of the allocation report is an important factor for monitoring the Green OAT. This report gives citizens and investors a perspective on France’s vast and consistent set of environmental actions through 15 different programmes and 32 budgetary lines. It also illustrates compliance, year after year, with the commitments made when the Green OAT was first issued. This compliance contributes to the success of the bond, which now has an outstanding amount of €27.4bn.”

Download the full 2019 Green OAT allocation and performance report by clicking on the cover picture:

Couv_RA_OAT verte 2019_UK.PNG

All of the allocation and performance reports are available on the Green OAT page.


On 24 January 2017, AFT launched the first benchmark sovereign green bond with a maturity of 22 years and an initial issuance of €7bn. By becoming the first issuer of a sovereign green bond, France confirmed its role as a driving force for reaching the goals set out in the Paris Climate Agreement of December 2015. Regular taps of the Green OAT, such as the one on 2 July 2020, have increased the outstanding amount to its current level of €27.4bn.

Today, AFT is also releasing the update of the second party opinion on the green credentials of the eligible green expenditure matched to the Green OAT in 2020.

When the Green OAT was first issued in January 2017, France also made a commitment, in addition to publishing an annual report on the allocation and performance of the expenditure, with the online release of the 2019 report today, to study the environmental impact of the expenditure matched to the green bond. This evaluation work, overseen by a council of independent experts of international standing, leads to the release of specific reports. The first two of these reports, published in 2018 and 2019 respectively, dealt with the Energy Transition Tax Credit and the subsidy for public service obligations incumbent on the French Inland Waterways Authority. A third report, dealing with the National Forestry Commission, will be published before the end of 2020.

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