14 February 2003: Charter for conducting relationships between the SVT and Agency France Trésor

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Mr Francis Mer, the minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry, gave approval to the new charter for conducting relationships between the "spécialistes en valeurs du Trésor" (primary dealers) and Agency France Trésor, a document jointly elaborated by the latter and the spécialistes en valeurs du Trésor, as members of "Association des Marchés de Taux en Euros". The new charter supersedes the previous Operation Framework for primary dealers as determined in 2001. Minister Mer greeted the favourable outcome of deliberations ominous for both the issuer and its main partners on the Paris financial community, as it enhances the organization of the French government debt market as well as the leadership of Paris as a benchmark market. Minister Mer more broadly applauded the achievements of Agency France Tresor and of the twenty-one "spécialistes en valeurs du Trésor", who help the AFT perform its commitment, i.e. to manage the State's debt and treasury at the lowest possible cost to the taxpayer.