23 June 2009 : Launch of the OAT 4.50% 25 April 2041

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Agence France Trésor today announces the launch of the OAT 4.50% 25 April 2041.

After the completion on Tuesday evening of the order book open on Monday morning and closed in the afternoon, demand reached €8.9bn, of which €6bn was allocated.

The yield at the time of the launch is 4.5250%, 2 basis points over the yield of the OAT 4.0% October 2038. The price has been set at 99.5680. The settlement date is 30 june 2009, the bond is strippable and it will be quoted on Euronext Paris.

Lead managers for this operation were Barclays, BNP Paribas, Crédit Suisse, HSBC and Société Générale. All the primary dealers were part of the syndicate.

The allocation illustrates the strong investors demand for French long-bonds, from pension funds (17%) and from insurers (22%), in order for them to stabilize their solvency ratios, as well as from fund managers (28%). 

The geographical distribution reflects a strong demand in France, as well as the appetite from non-residents for French bonds with very long maturities. If France represents 30%, so does United Kingdom, Netherlands and Scandinavia being also significant (20% and 10% respectively).

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