18 October 2018: Agence France Trésor has upgraded its website

Redesigned to be more user-friendly, with improved information display and enriched multilingual content… AFT has overhauled its website to meet the demands of market professionals and the general public. It now offers easier access to information about French government debt and cash requirements, as well as French economic and financial news.

Visuel lancement site UK1.png
Another important new feature is responsive web design: the AFT website adapts to the device you are using, giving you a more consistent user experience.


Enriched multilingual content

To better assist investors, we have added new multilingual content: fact sheets that track the life of a debt security from creation to redemption, press releases announcing both BTF auctions and BTF auction results.

Easier to use

Simple, intuitive website structure – in less than three clicks, investors gain access to the main information they are looking for (information about debt instruments, bond auction calendar, summary of transactions, etc.). Market professionals can quickly find the answers they need.

Improved information display

The key website components have been redesigned to make content easier to read: simplified structure, content and navigation.
The goal is to make the home page more responsive by including news about French government debt and cash requirements.

A modern, streamlined and cutting-edge design

The site’s look and feel has been streamlined, with a more restrained colour palette. The latest news is showcased in a News section, giving users easier access to information about Agence France Trésor and its activities.

We hope you’ll enjoy discovering our new website. Please feel free to send us your feedback – just fill in the contact form or go to our LinkedIn page!

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