21 December 2016: AFT awarded by IFR

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The International Financing Review (IFR) 2016 Awards were made public on Friday 16 December 2016. Agence France Trésor has been awarded for the launching on 13 April 2016 of the OAT 1.25% 25 May 2036 and the OAT 1,75% 25 May 2066 with the award of the best bond from a SSAR (sovereign, supranational, agency and regional) issuer.

The creation of the dual-tranche is the most important transaction in terms of size, duration adjusted in euro area. As outlined by IFR , « In a year that saw central bank bond-buying squeeze yields to previously unimaginable levels, France’s ultra-long dated 20 and 50-year April trade kicked off a trend that was unstoppable once it started » and « sovereign issuers saw their chance to extend maturities, securing super-cheap funding and providing investors with much-needed yield » .