08 February 2011: Creation of a new 15-year OAT€i, linked to the European consumer price index

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As part of the 2011 State financing programme published in December 2010, Agence France Tresor announces the creation of a new 15-year OAT€i, linked to the European index of consumer prices (excluding tobacco), the OAT€i 25 July 2027. This new bond, whose details will be announced later on, will be issued by syndication in the following days, depending on market conditions.

The joint lead managers will be: Barclays Capital, BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole, HSBC and Royal Bank of Scotland. All primary dealers (SVT) will be part of the syndicate.

This new bond will be reopened afterwards, according to investors demand and in order to ensure its liquidity.

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