01 July 2005: Creation of the OAT 3% 25 October, 2015

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Agence France Trésor announces the creation of the OAT 3% 25 October, 2015. This OAT will be eligible to stripping operations from Tuesday July 12, 2005 (settlement date).

This bond will be auctionned for the first time on Thursday July 7, 2005 at 11am (Paris time) and will be tapped according to investor's demand and in order to guarantee its liquidity.

Together with the OAT 3% 25 October, 2015, Agence France Trésor will tap the OAT 4% 25 April, 2055.

The total amount of the auction of July 7, 2005 will be between €7bn and €7,5bn.

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