29 October 2004: Creation of the 1.6% 25 July 2015 OAT€i

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Agence France Trésor announces the creation of a new bond linked to the euro zone HICP consumer price index (excluding tobacco): the 1.6% 25 July 2015 OAT€i . This OAT€i will be auctioned for the first time on Thursday November 18, 2004 (settlement on November 23).

With this new 10 year benchmark, AFT complements its range of index-linked OATs. A total of seven lines are already available, with maturities of 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2029 for lines linked to the French consumer price index, 2012, 2020 and 2032 for lines linked to the euro zone price index.

This OAT€i will be tapped subsequently in order to meet investor demand and to ensure a liquidity comparable to that of existing inflation-linked OATs.

Modalities to be announced on Friday November 12, 2004.


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