03 October 2002: Launch of a new OAT linked to the consumer price index in the euro area

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Francis Mer, minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry, acting upon the studies entrusted at the end of July with Barclays Capital, BNP Paribas, Morgan Stanley and Natexis - Banques Populaires and upon the proposal of Agency France Trésor, has decided to mandate these four banks to launch a new OAT linked to the euro area consumer price index (HICP excluding tobacco).
This issue builds on the first OAT linked to the consumer price index in the euro area, launched in October 2001. It shows France's interest in expanding the indexed bond market - created by France in 1998 - and the commitment of Agency France Trésor to ensure its liquidity. This bond will mature on 25 July 2032. Its maturity responds to investor demand for high-quality long bonds.

The final issuing terms will be announced after in-depth consultation of the French and international investor community.

Francis Mer, minister of the economy, finance and industry, has decided of the launch of a second OAT indexed on the eurozone price index published by Eurostat, tobacco excluded (HICP ex tobacco). See today's press release.

After the success auf the launch of the OAT€i July 2012, the outstanding amount of which has been brought through successive auctions to € 10 Bn, this new OAT indexed on the eurozone HICP builds the curve of the eurozone real rates with a long point. The contacts taken with investors as much in France as in other countries since July have contributed to the choice of an expiry date on July 25, 2032.

The precise characteristics of this operation will be announced after the end of a phase of marketing in France and in other countries, scheduled from October 9 to October 18, 2002. During the launch and afterwards, AFT will see that the efficiency of the market of the OATi 2029 is ensured. AFT is considering the possibility of giving to the current holders of this bond who could wish it the opportunity to exchange, under conditions to be determined, their OATi 2029 with new OAT€I 2032.