06 September 1999: Dominique Strauss-Kahn is announcing the launch of the 30-year inflation-indexed OAT (OATi)

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Before the end of September, France Trésor will launch, depending on market conditions, a 30-year OATi, maturing 25th July 2029, for a minimum amount of 2.5 billion euro.

This 30-year OATi will supplement the real rate yield curve in euro and further establish the importance of this new euro-denominated asset class. The inflation-indexed market in euro was initiated in September 98 with the launch of the 10 year OATi, the outstanding amount of which has so far reached 7 billion euro.

Still acting within an active management and control of public finances, France Trésor is thus diversifying further its financing resources by providing the market with a wide range of liquid and well-suited instruments, which confirms its benchmark issuer status within the euro zone.

* * *

This new issue will be lead-managed by Banque Nationale de Paris, Crédit Agricole Indosuez and Deutsche Bank. All French primary dealers (SVTs) will be closely associated to the deal.

France Trésor will continue to tap the OATi market through regular auctions. OATi's fully belong to the 1999 France Trésor issuing program and will be of course included into the 2000 financing program. As announced on the launching of the first OATi, inflation-indexed OAT's will only represent a limited portion of France Trésor's financing program.