29 February 1996: Two new primary dealers

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1. Mr. Jean ARTHUIS, Economics and Finance Minister, has announced that the following have become primary dealers in France:

  • Banque Lehman Brothers S.A.
  • Merrill Lynch Finance S.A..

2. This decision has been taken after consultation of a selection committee chaired by Mr. Marc MAUGARS, Inspector General of Finance.

3. This decision coincides with the unification of the groups of primary dealers (SVTs) and repo primary dealers (SPVTs). The development of the repo market since the beginning of 1994 has led all SVTs to take an active part in it, and this market now forms a natural part of normal primary dealer activity.

4. A partial selection of primary dealers, in particular to examine the candidature of current reporting dealers (CVT), will take place at the beginning of 1997.

The next selection of SVTs as a whole will take place, in line with the announcement last year, at the beginning of 1998.