AGENCE FRANCE TRESOR is tasked with managing the government debt and cash positions under the most secure conditions in the interest of the taxpayer.
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The secondary government securities market  
The secondary government securities market is now seen as one of the most liquid in the world. This success is due to the technical sophistication and the quality services on the French government securities market, namely:
- the liquidity of the entire range of government securities;
- the scope for executing trades in large amounts at any time;
- the standardization and diversity of the products on offer, including coverage of the entire yield curve and the availability of floating-rate products (OATi and OAT€i) ;
- the security and efficiency afforded by reliable settlement/delivery procedures;
- the development of an active market in temporary sales of securities, i.e. repos with securities delivered.

See our monthly bulletin for the daily trading volumes of our securities.

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