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OATs for retail investors presentation  

Managing your financial assets with OATs (Obligations Assimilables au Trésor - French Government Bonds)

Simplicity • Liquidity • Security
Fixed-rate, inflation-indexed and capitalisation OATs represent a range of investments corresponding to different investment objectives: regular income, a hedge against inflation, capitalisation, diversification...

French Government Bonds (OAT) are borrowing instruments issued by the French Republic for nearly 30 years now. The money involved is lent to the State.
The issuing of these bonds under proper arrangements is organised by Agency France Trésor (AFT), the department of the French Ministry for the economy and Finance tasked with handling public debt and treasury management in the most cost-effective and secure ways possible on the taxpayer's behalf.

The OAT market is now one of the most liquid and most popular markets with institutional investors.

Working in partnership with Euronext and Primary Dealer banks (Spécialistes en Valeur du Trésor or SVT), Agency France Trésor (AFT) has set up a fully-fledged secondary market* enabing retail investors to purchase and sell OATs as easily as professionals. These days, the OAT market is accessible to everyone.

(*) all terms marked with an asterisk appear in the glossary on OAT for retail investors glossary :

- Fixed-rate OATs, Index-linked OATs or 'Zero coupon' capitalisation OATs
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