AGENCE FRANCE TRESOR is tasked with managing the government debt and cash positions under the most secure conditions in the interest of the taxpayer.

AFT warns you against unsolicited e-mails (« phishing »).

If you receive a suspicious e-mail that seems to have been sent by AFT, it is most probably a fraudulent e-mail.

AFT never sends e-mails that require you to provide personal information or that inform you of a refund of money or an unpaid balance.

You can report any fraudulent e-mail on this website:

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Monthly Bulletin
No. 333
Feb. 2018

Annual Report
No. 2016
Sept. 2017

Projet de loi de finances pour 2018 (in French)

Sept. 2017

Public finance policy debate (DOFP)

Aug. 2017

French government negotiable debt outstanding as of 31 Jan. 2018
Average maturity as of 31 Jan. 2018
Weighted average yield
Average annual issuance(2018)
as of 16 Mar. 2018 : 0,57 %
Tec 10
Indexation coefficients