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The French Bond Association  
The mission of CNO, the French Bond Association, is to

  • Simplify and harmonize calculation rules used by the Euros fixed income markets and the derivatives markets, particularly for yield indices, indexation and portfolio samples.

  • CNO also publishes recommendations for all kinds of entities involved in fixed income instruments, such as Issuers, Intermediaries, Financial Institutions, Investors, Professional Associations, Market Authorities.

  • CNO calculates and disseminates financial indices and promotes their use, or sub contracts these functions to other institutions.


Since 15 December 2009, Banque de France is calculating and publishing indices on behalf of the CNO (Indices obligataires).

Members of CNO are either legal entities active on the fixed income markets or individuals with recognized skills on the fixed income markets.

All questions related to the indices can be sent to : 1192-CNOTECBDF-UT@banque-france.fr